Remy Hii - More Than Just A Handsome Face

Remy Hii is an Asian-Australian actor. Remy Hii was born in Malaysia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an English mother from Manchester, England. His family moved to Australia when he was only 8 years old. The 32-years-old actor was exposed to acting and performing arts at a young age. When Remy was a child, his mother loved watching plays at the theater. Remy's mother always brought him along to watch the plays with her. That was the start that nurtured, Remy's passion for acting and performing arts.
Remy Hii studied Performing Arts at the Queensland University of Technology, and become active in theater. In 2009, Remy Hii continued his study in Performing Arts at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Sydney, Australia. He graduated from NIDA in 2011. Besides being active in theater, Remy was also a member of an indie-rock band called RAPIDS. His bandmates were Australia actors - Angus McLaren and Jamie Timothy. The band once release a single titled - Get Better T…

NOVEL REVIEW: Di Situ Langit Dijunjung by Hanna Alkaf

Eiyo friends,
How was your weekend? I had just finished reading a semi-historical novel titled Di Situ Langit Dijunjung (DSLD). And now I would like to share with you my thoughts of the novel.
DSLD is a novel hinged on patriotism, written by Hanna Alkaf and translated by Fahmi Mustaffa, and published this year by Fixi Verso. Hanna Alkaf is a Malaysian writer, who graduated in 2007 from Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, with a major in Mass Communications. Hanna Alkaf used to work for Marie Claire Magazine. Before Hanna Alkaf wrote DSLD, she wrote a non-fiction book titled Gila: A Journey Through Mood And Madness. The book was published by Gerak Budaya in 2016.
DSLD is Hanna Alkaf's first novel. The novel was first written in the English language with the title "The Weight Of Our Sky" (TWOOS). TWOOS was published by Salaam Reads and Simon and Schuster in early 2019. TWOOS received good reviews from its readers and is also listed as one of the best selling English-M…

Five Things That Makes Ji Chang Wook FM's Hottest Asian Actor of 2019

Ji Chang Wook (JCW) is a South Korean actor. He is one of the hottest hunks in the Hallyu entertainment industry right now. JCW was born on the 5th of July 1987, at Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. That makes him 32 years old in 2019, and a Cancer guy. JCW has a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts from Dankook University. 
The gorgeous South Korean actor once dreams to become an engineer when he was a little boy. But as he grows older, he realizes that he has a passion for acting and decides to become an actor. JCW began his career as an actor in musical theaters in 2006. He then rose to fame playing the leading role - Dong Hea in Smile Again (South Korea 2010 - 2011 drama series). JCW has been promoting himself as a celebrity for more than 10 years now. He has acted in a lot of hit dramas, movies, and won many awards. 
Last October, I have listed JCW as the no.1 Hottest Asian Actor of 2019 in my list/pervious post- Fadima Mooneira's List: 10 Hottest Asian Actors of 2019…

Introducing Four Chic Bahasa Malaysia Novels

Reading is a hobby that everyone should have. Reading gives you the knowledge, opens your world, enhance your imagination and creativity, and helps you with your language. Reading also makes you a disciplined person and is good for your memory development. That's why we, society needs to develop a reading culture. Authors, writers, book retailers, bloggers, and communities play an important role in developing a reading culture. However, not many people nowadays are into reading. Some find reading is a boring hobby. Some also said they don't have time to read. Some also said books are too expensive now and they can't afford to buy them. There should not be any excuse not to read books. Books are important to us. Even Malaysia's Prime Minister, Tun Dr. M once quote "Jangan kedekut untuk beli buku" / "Don't be stingy to buy books". If you can buy clothes, handbags, jewelry, gadgets, and other stuff, why can't you buy books? Spend money on books…

Mega Love For Autumn Tag 2019

Eiyo friends,
Mega Love For Autumn Tag 2019 is another Vogue Parody Challenge. In this challenge, you are required to answer questions about autumn and tag six people after you completed your answers. For this autumn challenge, I was tagged by a fellow blogger name Mari a.k.a @92leemary. Mari is a Filipino-American blogger. We got to know each other on Twitter and become blogger buddies. Mari blogs about beauty, lifestyle, and relationships. Mari's blog link is
Before I start this challenge, I need to be honest... I am from Malaysia. Malaysia is a country with only one season. Yep, we only have summer here (it's either sunny or rainy). Malaysia doesn't have winter, spring, and autumn. However, I used to stay in the US for 4 years, studied in Manchester, England for 2 years, and traveled to four-season countries -these experiences give me some autumn memories that I can share with you for this challenge. 
Now let's begin with the questi…